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Our internet is mush faster since we updated from broadband to fibre.ending quote


Supanet are one of the best ISP's I have used - well done.ending quote


Very happy with the service that supanet have given us.ending quote


We upgraded from broadband to fibre broadband because we wanted faster internet access.  We have been really pleased since.ending quote


At such cheap prices for fibre broadband, you can’t argue.ending quote


What’s the difference between old school internet and fibre? A huge one! Supanet’s Fibre service is an incredible improvement.ending quote


I’ve been a Supanet customer since the early days. No problem at any point down the line but as the kids started using the internet more and more I felt a need to upgrade to something more powerful. Supanet Fibre was the best value solution and I’m pleased to say that the service is – as usual – fantastic.ending quote


The boost in speed when switching to Supanet Fibre from BT has been very noticeable indeed. I wouldn’t have my home internet any other way now. I just had to get in touch to say thank you Supanet for a super internet package!ending quote


Great service from one of the first internet companies.
ending quote


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